Neurčité tvary slovesné – gerundium a participium

Určete, zda neurčité tvary slovesné v následujích větách představují gerundium nebo participium; uveďte jejich syntaktickou funkci
  1. Borrowing such a large sum was a mistake.
  2. Sitting around here moaning won´t get us anything.
  3. I hate speaking in public.
  4. The police have found their stolen car.
  5. I followed her down the stairs, his heart jumping violently.
  6. Doing a thing like that is asking for trouble.
  7. I blame myself for not having foreseen this development.
  8. I put down the receiver, being careful not to bang it.
  9. There are certain advantages in living alone.
  10. Is this an extenuating or an aggravating circumstance?
  11. A cup of tea is always refreshing.
  12. The man standing in the corner is my ex-husband.
  13. My brother is a very entertaining person.
  14. She doesn´t like being watched.
  15. I am being patient when telling you all this.

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