Souvětí podřadné. Souvětí složené (složité)

V následujících souvětích určete syntaktickou funkci vedlejších vět a zařaďte je k příslušnému typu v klasifikaci vět vedlejších
  1. He wished she would stop talking.
  2. I saw where it happened.
  3. Hardly had I touched the bell when the door opened.
  4. The idea that nobody will survive is appaling.
  5. She pretended to be in a hurry lest he might offer to accompany her.
  6. I would like to know whose idea it was.
  7. Is he a man we can trust?
  8. Unless you take the pills four times a day, they have little effect.
  9. Hopeless as the situation seems, there must be something to do.
  10. I can see how exhausted you must be.
  11.  Young children who are separated from their parents for longer periods experience harmful effects.
  12. There was no electric light so that we had to use candles.
  13. I can´t imagine what they want with your address.
  14. I eat what I like.
  15. Stand perfectly still, wherever you are.
  16. He didn´t tell us whether we should wait for him or whether we should go without him.
  17. Since the weather has improved, the game will be held as planned.
  18. One likely result of the postponent is that the cost of constructing the college will be much higher.

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