Základní větné typy podle syntaktické stavby věty

Následující věty popište z hlediska syntaktické stavby, určete gramatický větný vzorec. 

  1. I am not a big eater.
  2. We live in Prague.
  3. She dug her nails into her palms.
  4. The manager charged him with an important mission.
  5. She found the box empty.
  6. I wouldn´t describe him as really clever.
  7. They laughed at me.
  8. Her brother is an ambitious man.
  9. Her friend got himself into trouble.
  10. The milk went sour.
  11. Can´t you keep the children quiet for a while?
  12. Their efforts to teach us handicrafts were not a success.
  13. He took his hands out of his pocket when John appeared at the door.
  14. Unfortunately, she got her foot wet in the rainy weather.
  15. Mary blamed her husband for the broken vase.
  16. Her aunt is a beautiful young lady.

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