Základní větné typy podle syntaktické stavby věty. Sémantické role větných členů

Určete syntaktickou funkci podtržených větných členů. U podmětu, předmětu a příslovečného určení uveďte také jejich sémantickou roli.
  1. The new house beyond the church burnt down twenty years ago.
  2. I have often wished myself a millionaire.
  3. They visited several cities, for example Madrid and Barcelona.
  4. He keeps in excellent health.
  5. He asked I don´t know how many people.
  6. The boat broke its rudder on the first day.
  7. She hadn´t really delighted her audience.
  8. Peter hurt me without even realizing it.
  9. He gave no explanation of his odd behaviour.
  10. Without a date the ticket is invalid.
  11. Unexpectedly, she refused to speak before the coart.
  12. This is just what I expected.
  13. She lay on the sofa reading.
  14. Have you met Frank, John´s brother?
  15. He seemed scared about something.

Viz kapitoly: 12.2, 13.14, 13.31.1, 13.41.2.