Prague Linguistic Circle: A Centenary of the First Successors of its Founders

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On 9 February, 2009, the Prague Linguistic Circle held a conference commemorating
the life and work of the first generation of the successors of the Circle's founding members,
which could boast of scholars of no less renown than the founders themselves. Since the
renewal of the Circle's activities in 1990 this has been a third major event, in addition to
the Circle's regular meetings and discussions, convened twice a month in the course of the
academic year. The two previous events took place on the occasions of the seventieth and
eightieth anniversaries of the Circle's foundation. The first was an international conference,
held in March 28-30, 1996, to commemorate two anniversaries which coincided in that year:
70 years of existence of the Prague Linguistic Circle and a centenary since Roman Jakobson's
birth. The second conference took place on 27 September, 2006, and bore the title "The Role
of the Prague Linguistic Circle in the Development and Perspectives of Czech Linguistics" .
The most recent conference, noted here, concentrated on presenting seven outstanding
members of the generation born between 1907-1909: Pavel Trost, Ludovit Novak, Karel
Honilek, Josef Vachek, Julie Novakova, Felix Vodicka and Vladimir Skalicka. Each scholar
was the subject of two, in the case of Julie Novakova of three, lectures.