On Bohumil Trnka´s Concept of Neutralization and its Nature on the Higher Language Levels


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Bohumil Trnka's concept of neutralization is a recurrent point in his work, closely related to his concept of oppositions. He regards it as a feature of all structural language levels: »The subject of the present paper [Trnka 1982c] is to draw the attention of linguists to two linguistic phenomena called homonymy and neutralization. Both of them operate on all structural levels of language, i. e. on the phonological, morphological, syntactic, and suprasyntactic levels ...« (1982c, 356). Trnka himself was mostly concerned with neutralization in phonology and morphology, with a few digressions into syntax, but none - to my knowledge - into the suprasyntactic level.
The present chapter is concerned with neutralization on the levels that involve meaning. As a relevant starting point, the first part outlines Trnka's conception of neutralization in morphology and syntax. In the second part, neutralization is reconsidered on the level of morphology and elaborated on the syntactic level, with a tentative excursion into the level of utterance.


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