A textual view of noun modification

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The article discusses the shifts in the realization form and the distributional field of modified noun phrases as they move through the text. In general the linear arrangement of a modified noun phrase is in agreement with a gradual rise in the degree of communicative dynamism only in the case of postmodification insofar as modifiers are more dynamic than the head nouns irrespective of the head nouns' context dependence or independence. Hence premodification structures display the more dynamic element before the less dynamic one. In the text samples under study this basic pattern appears to be preserved; the configuration of a context-dependent premodifier or post-modifier with a context-independent head noun was found to be rare. The role of noun modification in the text build-up was observed in the case of recurrent noun phrases where the shift from post- to premodification indicated previous occurrence in the text. Another textual feature was noted in the operation of decontextualizing factors serving the development of textual subtopics.


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