Rogetův Thesaurus a onomaziologická lexikografie


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Onomasiogical lexicography is described as involving three types o f dictionary: thesaurus,
synonym dictionary and pictorial dictionary. Although Rogeťs Thesaurus is the
prototype o f an onomasiological dictionary, there has been relatively little written about
its history. The article reviews Rogeťs origin and subsequent development and presents
a tentative classification o f dictionaries inspired by or related to Rogeťs. The classification
distinguishes between thesauri according to (1) regional variety; (2) macrostructure;
(3) applicalion o f the onomasiological-semasiological principle; (4) linguistic-encyclopedic
orientation; (5) synchronic-diachronic aspect; (6) goal (prescriptive-descriptive, pedagogical,
diagnostic); (7) scope and aspects o f language covered (all-language vs. sub-
-language: social-dialect - slang, field-specific - terminology, language-aspect - idioms);
(8) lexical unit (combinatorial); (9) number o f languages (mono-, bi-, multilingual); (10)
medium (paper-electronic); (11) size (full-size, pocket); (12) age of users (adult - children's).
The article concludes by surveying the practical and, above all, theoretical uses of
Rogeťs thesaurus, such as research employing it as a data source for the study of sense
discrimination and disambiguation, semantic similarity, mental lexicon, natural language
understanding or machine understanding of language.


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