A Corpus Study of Non-epistemic Interpretations of MUST and HAVE TO and their Counterparts in Czech

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978-80-7248-622-9 (vyhledej v knihovnách)



The paper deals with different interpretations od MUST and HAVE to and their translations into Czech. In particular, by means of co-text analysis, the paper aims to delimit different semantic values of the two modals and to investigate to what extent the choice of particular means is influenced by co-occurring means at different levels: grammatical (colligations), pragmatic as well as by the type of discourse. Subsequently, the reflections of these two modal expressions in the forms of the Czech translations are discussed. The study is based on excerpts from contemporary British fiction and their published translations into Czech and on general and parallel corpora. The study shows that although at first sight MUST and HAVE TO are both basically translated as MUSET, other means are also used to illustrate their various interpretations.