Schneider`s Psychology of Stereotyping as a helping tool in fulfilling some of the objectives of the Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education

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The aim of the paper is to introduce the crucial work of the distinguished American psychologist D. J. Schneider - Psychology of Stereotyping. The reason is that the awareness of stereotypes and their sources is an important part of teachers’ knowledge in the contemporary society. In the Czech Republic, the relatively newly introduced principal curricular document the Framework Education Programme for Basic Education (FEP BE) claims that it is not necessary for the learners to gain only knowledge of particular subjects but also so called key competencies which help the learners develop their personalities through so called cross curricular subjects. English language teaching is an ideal means to introduce especially multicultural education. Being a global language, it enables the learners to communicate with other people and other cultures and thus understand their otherness and at the same time combat stereotypes.
The paper focuses in detail on the objectives related to the notion of stereotypes and their overcoming, along with the application of results of Schneider`s research in modern education, mainly in English language teaching.


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