Discourse and Interaction in English Language Teaching

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978-80-7290-477-8 (vyhledej v knihovnách)

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The aim of this book is to analyze classroom discourse, with emphasis on the interaction between the teacher and his/her pupils in English language classes in an EFL situation . The research was carried out in lower secondary schools in the Czech Republic with three types of teachers: native speakers of English, non-native speaker teachers with good language proficiency and fully qualified to teach English, and teachers with lower proficiency and improper qualifications. One of the aims was to find out whether their mother tongue, language proficiency and pedagogic skills could influence the way they interacted in the classroom. The book pays special attention to the types of questions the teachers ask in the classroom, to the the type of feedback they give their learners, and also examines how these two processes could be used most effectively in order to support natural communication in the classroom.