Synonymy vs. differentiation of variant syntactic realizations of FSP functions

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The present article deals with the second participant in verbal action as it appears on the syntactic level and the level of functional sentence perspective (FSP). The interaction between the two levels will be considered where the second participant in verbal action has the FSP function of theme. This involves contextual boundness of the second participant insofar as context-independent second participants are as a rule rhematic. The constructions under consideration include the passive, in which a thematic second participant appears as the subject, active clauses with the second participant as thematic object occupying the regular postverbal position, and active clauses with the second participant constructed as fronted object. Fronted objects moreover raise the question of their relation to the passive, and the cleft sentence in which the second participant appearing as thematic object in the underlying noncleft form is focused.
The aim of the present paper is to find out to what extent these structures are interchangeable, and if differentiated, to ascertain the features to which the differentiation is due.


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