On Some FSP Aspects of the Internet Chat (With Special Regard to Presentation Scale Sentences)


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In the framework of the theory of functional sentence perspective (FSP) – summarised in Firbas 1992 – every sentence principally implements one of the so-called dynamic semantic scales, which functionally reflect the distribution of communicative dynamism and operate irrespective of word order. Generally speaking, Firbas distinguishes two types of the dynamic semantic scales: the Presentation Scale, in which a context-independent subject is presented on the scene, and the Quality Scale, where a specifying quality is ascribed to the subject. The present paper, focusing on the Presentation Scale sentences, sets out to discuss those that appear within the register of the Internet Chat. It strives to throw some light on their structure, function and their syntactic typology, with special regard to the textual qualities of this highly specific genre. The analysis offered deals with an authentic sample corpus of ca 6,300 words.


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